dancing for Liam’s Legion

Becky was born and raised in Zanesville, marrying Bill Joseph in 1981. They have three sons, Andrew, Matthew, and Vincent, and two daughters-in-law, Jenna and Alaina. In 2014, they were blessed with the first of three grandsons and in June of 2018, twins were born. Now there are five bringing even more joy into their lives.

A graduate of Ohio University of Zanesville’s Nursing Program, Becky began her nursing career with Bethesda Hospital in 1979, joining Good Samaritan Hospital in 1980. She continued her service throughout 38 years, retiring from Genesis Hospital in 2016. Retirement didn’t last long; she joined Northpointe Surgical Suites in the summer of 2016 and in 2018 she joined Interim Healthcare Hospice in the role of transitional care coordinator and community educator.

Becky believes the call to be a nurse is a gift and privilege given by God to share with others. While her nursing career has been a true blessing, she also enjoys opportunities to service our community through Zanesville Daybreak Rotary club projects, the Veterans Appreciation Foundation supporting local Veteran projects, and has participated in three medical mission trips to Haiti with her church and with Northpointe Surgical Suites.

Free time is spent with family and friends. When she is not with her family, Becky enjoys photography and outdoor activities with girlfriends; running four marathons, hiking 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail, participating in a 152 mile round-trip biking race and recently touring parts of France and Italy. Becky loves to dance. She was a student of Marjorie Holzschuher in her younger days but now just dances for fun.

Liam’s Legion

Becky is dancing for LIAM’S LEGION, to benefit various special educational programs, therapies and assistive devices necessary to aid in the development and quality of life for her grandson, Liam. Now three years old, Liam was born with a rare genetic syndrome known as ADNP (Helmoortel-VanDerAa Syndrome), an extremely complex neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the brain and many other areas of function in the body. Its hallmark features are intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders, delayed development of speech and motor skills such as sitting and walking. To learn more about ADNP syndrome, visit the website www.adnpkids.com