dancing for Heroes Landing Child Advocacy Center

Chef Bill Bird began his culinary career working for the Holiday Inn Corporation in Indianapolis. He obtained a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. He developed his culinary skills and passion working for hotels, private clubs, hospitals, and long-term healthcare.

In 2013 Bill formed the ChefCare Consulting Company to give back, by offering a “hands on” service to mentor managers and train culinary staff that work in healthcare foodservice operations. ChefCare Consulting joined Cedar Ridge Counseling in 2017 as their Resident Chef Consultant to develop the daily residents’ culinary programs and mentor their culinary staff, at their three residential addiction treatment facilities.

In 2021 Bill Bird retired and has spent the last three years traveling with his wife Linda. He has also expanded Bill’s Stained Glass Studio, his full-service commission studio that is celebrating its 42 nd year in operation. He enjoys his retired life and spending more time with his family. Bill is dancing to raise funds for Heroes Landing Children’s Justice Center. This child focused facility helps abused children heal by coordinating the investigation and treatment of child physical and sexual abuse. They provide advocacy, justice and care for child abuse survivors and their families, empowering them to become the heroes of their own stories. Learn more by visiting heroeslandingcjc.org.