dancing for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Darian Ross
Darian Ross with dance partner Erin Wilson Beane
Photo credit: Erin Wilson Beane

My name is Darian Ross, I’m 23, and a graduate of Tri-Valley High School and Central Ohio Technical College. I am the oldest of three kids. Erin asked me to participate in Dancing with the Divas to raise awareness on suicide prevention. Suicide specifically because my family has suffered the horrible loss of my youngest brother, Camden. He would have been a freshman in high school.

Suicide happens more often that I would like to admit. Someone, somewhere in the world, or even right beside you is suffering. Do not be afraid to be that shoulder for them to lean on or even cry on. Even the strongest people need help and someone to lean on. There are so many options for people to get help. Suicide is not the answer, and doing this event with Erin, I hope we are able to bring more awareness to this epidemic. We miss Camden so much but if we can make a difference in one kid or adult life, that means he is here helping them, too.

My only previous dance experience is through social dance as a kid and floor routines as a gymnast.

Some fun facts about me – I competed in gymnastics for 14 years. I started coaching the sport at the age of 14. Four years ago my boss, Tracy, asked my friend Jordain and I if we would like to take girls to meets! I have loved every second of it. My girls mean everything to me. Coaching the sport is what led me to meet Erin and her girls. They have been taking private lessons with me for four years. They have been a great aspect in my life and I have quite a bond with all three of them. I am very exited to do Dancing with the Divas with Erin!

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

This foundation provides tools to help fund signs of suicide and also help families who have endured the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. Learn more at afsp.org.