dancing for Nikki Baumann Hester Scholarship Fund

Marci was born and raised in Columbus, OH, to a large family, 5 sisters and 3 brothers. She has raised two sons, Zak and Brenden, as a single parent for the past 30+ years. After 20+ years in corporate America, Marci began working with non-profit agencies. She is currently employed at Central Community House, a social service agency in the near east side of Columbus, OH. She is passionate about empowering others to be their best self and provides supervision and management to various programs to help promote self-sufficiency and a better for life for all.

Marci is dancing for the Nikki Baumann Hester Scholarship Fund. Her sister, Nikki, studied dance for years so this seemed like a perfect fit! Nikki passed away unexpectedly in 1998 at 31 years old leaving three young children and a classroom of first graders in shock. As a teacher for nine years, she often took her lunch money and spent it on hats, gloves and coats for her students in need. She was a sanctuary of protection and safety for her students.

The best example of Nikki’s selfless personality is when she delivered her 4th child on her birthday. Instead of going home with a healthy bundle of joy, she went home empty handed as her baby had passed away hours after birth. Yet Nikki was able to give her favorite flower, a yellow rose, to the mothers who had delivered that day and able to enjoy their newborn babies. Not only was Nikki thoughtful of others, but she was truly kind to the core of her being. Very few people would choose to think of others in their time of pain, sorry and sadness.

Marci’s family continues to honor Nikki’s memory and contributions to this world by offering a scholarship to a high school senior interested in pursuing a degree in education and making a difference in the lives of others as Nikki did. They have provided over 25 scholarships to date totaling over $30,000 and want to be able to keep this tradition and her memory alive for years to come.

Fun Facts about Marci: In her free time, Marci spends as much time with family as possible. Her sisters are her best friends and her parents are still living. The family gets together to play cards, games and celebrate birthdays. She enjoys singing and participates in an annual Christmas concert at her church. While Marci has no formal dance experience, she enjoys “dancing like no one is watching”!

Nikki Baumann Hester Scholarship Fund

The Nikki Baumann Hester Scholarship Fund provides scholarship money to high school seniors interested in pursuing a college degree in education.