Dancing for Amy’s Tote’s of Hope

Paul Ward was born and raised in Zanesville, Ohio.  Paul graduated from Philo High School in 1999 and got his Bachelor of Arts in Music at Kent State University.  In 2006 Paul graduated from the Zane State Police Academy.  He has 17 years of experience in Law Enforcement and is currently the Manager of Police and Security at Genesis Hospital.  Paul has also been a music teacher in guitar, piano, brass instruments, and drums since 1994.  Paul has been a youth pastor for 8 years and a worship pastor for 6 years.  

Paul has 2 teenagers at home who always keep him busy and on his toes.  Paul lost his wife Sarah to colon cancer in May of 2023.  Sarah and Paul had taken swing dance lessons together and Paul is excited to be honoring her life by dancing and raising money for Amy’s Totes of Hope.  Amy’s Totes of Hope encourage those with cancer by giving them totes filled with inspirational items and love.  During Sarah’s cancer journey, she was so overwhelmed with joy and the love of Amy’s Totes of Hope that Paul could not think of a better organization to support.